nature vs nurture

The nature versus nurture debate involves whether human behaviour is determined by the environment, either prenatal or during a person’s life, or by a person’s genes. The alliterative expression “nature and nurture” in English has been in use since at least the Elizabethan period and goes back to medieval French.

As educators almost all of us would be familiar of the “Nature vs Nature” concept however our environment as we all know throughout Australia and the world considering COVID has changed hasn’t it? So lets watch this clip and have a little re hash on this topic and why its so important more now then ever in Early Childhood Education and Care.

You may be wondering why we have chosen to blog about the nature vs nature topic so to enlighten you I would like to share a conversation I had with a friend who lives in Victoria.

I called my friend on the phone to celebrate the restrictions being slowly lifted and the “new normal” light at the end of the tunnel beginning to be in sight. My friend agreed however, they said this

“ it is really good , thank goodness because you know I hadn’t been out in public in so long , my husband begun to work from home , I stayed here and did as much home schooling as possible , I kept in contact with my family a lot at the start but as days went on it was just the same thing to talk about really. My suburb granted us access to gatherings of 10 last week so we finally caught up and you would not believe it! – I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW TO TALK, literally how to stop and listen and reply to verbal conversations even with my own family. I felt like I was a little jittery and almost anxious as I was leaving the house just to meet up with 8 of them. I felt like I was sitting weirdly, moving weirdly and just not being myself. Just goes to show what being enclosed for the past few months can really do to a person!”

It was this that made me really stop and think – AND THE KIDS, THE CHILDREN. Some will be returning to school and services soon I wonder how their recent environment ( NUTURE ) will have impacted them. Are we going to have once outspoken children returning to us now non-verbal, emotional, impatient and are all their social skills going to be a-drift. The answer is well yes , most likely due to children being out of routines, out of school , out of care, not socialising for months , parks being closed, attractions being shut down , not seeing the range of people they do most days.

Moreover, educators you are all seeing or will the direct definition of the hot topic NATURE VS NATURE right Infront of you unfolding. How our activities, experiences, and interactions mould children in all senses. And, you know what? YOU, yes YOU educators are and always have been SIGNIFICANT POWERFUL NURTURERS of the world! The activities you plan , the observations you analyse and the extensions you create are fundamental to how that child develops and see’s the world – you are setting up children for the rest of their lives – YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT , YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

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