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Genevieve Hudson

Educational Leader & Dean of Curriculum Dean of Curriculum Prep-2 Sunshine Coast Grammar School

New Leaf Early Learning Centres

Julie-Ann Baillie


Offspring Early Learning Centre

Jennifer Tranby-Hunter


Freckles Kindy & Learning Centre

Neville Dwyer


Nominated Supervisor Dorothy Waide Centre LDC Service

Theresa Willet


Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre

Amanda Goff


Strathfield One Stop Child Care Service

Katey Street

Preschool Teacher

Billy Kids Lilyfield

I began to use Kindyhub in 2013 when we discovered that all our recording could go online and be available for parents straight away, instead of everything being handwritten- this in itself was a god send!

Kindyhub is great for keeping children’s records and photos all in one place- to an unlimited capacity, meaning we can follow each child’s learning journey throughout the time they spend in Early Years, right through to when they begin primary school. Having the learning outcomes and sub outcomes right there to connect to each observation and learning story makes things super easy for educators to concentrate on what is happening, instead of fussing with pages in books to find the right point! I love that we can add little captions to the photos we upload, it just makes each child’s story a little bit more real and we are able to follow them through the stages of their learning.

I have found the ‘communicate’ section particularly helpful for sending quick messages to parents throughout the day, instead of trying to get hold of busy families over the phone.

I also love the report creator, which we use in our centre to build the children’s developmental summary reports for the middle and end of each year. It makes things a bit more personal and, adding to it over time, ensures that all observed events and skills are included.

Kindyhub is a really easy-to-use and comprehensive online platform which supports the needs of early years educators. I believe it would be a great system to use across primary schools and could (and has) eliminate(d) a lot of unnecessary paperwork!

Jade Hills


Great Beginnings Quinn Rocks

Kindyhub is amazing! It’s easy to use and plus its adaptable and easily edited to suit your service. The creators are easy to reach and are always open to suggestions and ways of adapting aspects of the documentation. There’s a variety of templates and you just choose which ones you want to use and give your service access to. It looks great from the parents point of view when they access Kindyhub too.

Neville Dwyer

Nominated Supervisor

Dorothy Waide Centre LDC Service

We are able to track children’s learning and development easily through the use of Kindyhub, it provides an observation tool that builds the capacity of staff to understand and reflect on each child’s development against the EYLF and its outcomes.  The daily journal is the program in action and is shared with families and extended families in a way that keeps them connected to their child’s learning and also the team. Kindyhub is a tool that gives us more time with the children, and keeps us on top of tracking children;s development and sharing their day with their family. Achieving a quality rating isn’t about doing endless observations, or scrapbooking children’s lives, its about collecting and sharing what is important for us and the family to know about the child and developmental journey, its about being reflective, and using the knowledge in a way that builds everyones capacity and also about using our time in a smart way.

About Neville

Neville Dwyer, an award winning early years educator and director of Dorothy Wade Early Learning Centre in Griffith.
He is the Treasurer of Community Connections Solutions Australia, a not-for-profit, non-government, membership-based organisation that supports the management of high-quality early childhood services and other community organisations. In 2004 Neville was awarded the National excellence Award for Teaching in Early Childhood.
Neville has been a keynote speaker discussing the National Quality Framework & the importance of early childhood education and care and his vision for the sector.

Judy Radich

Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader

Cooloon Children's Centre Inc

Kindyhub has streamlined our recording processes and frees up educator time to really plan for children’s learning. The families just love the daily data and slide show. We are connecting more with families than ever before. Kindyhub is a great tool – user friendly and great back up support.

About Judy

Judy Radich is an early childhood teacher who has worked in long day care for much of her working life. She has held many roles within Early Childhood Australia (ECA) including that of past president, a current member of the publications committee, writer for ECA and KidsMatter publications and contributor to the EYLF-PLP program.

Bev Taylor

Operation Manager

Kool Kids Early Learning Centres

Just a quick note to let you know how happy the Staff are with Kindyhub. They have all commented on how easy it is to use and the amount of time it is saving them every day. With all children having their own profile compiled each time an observation is sent and the tracking of the Observations is such a help. No more filing, no more printing, it’s all there at their fingertips!!!!

Parents absolutely love, receiving the Learning story, and their child’s photo’s daily. Many read them as soon as they are emailed and enjoy showing their work colleges what their child has been up to. Parent Feedback is amazing!!!

I also wanted to thank you and your Team for the wonderful support you have given all of us.

We look forward to the next stage developing on Kindyhub

Emma Marshall


Avalon Beach House Pre-school

Just a short note to say thanks for the effort of sending daily updates on the kids. Archie can now contribute more to our dinner conversations because we can prompt him on the things we know happened that day. He used to say “I don’t know” but now happily chats and adds to the discussion which will no doubt flow into his general development. Thanks again for all you do.

Andrew Bowden

Parent & Director Envision Optical

Kool Kids Miami

As  a business owner in allied health, I know how important it is to communicate clearly with my patients on a daily basis. I strongly believe that it is the foundation of any successful organisation. My two boys have attended Kool Kids Miami with my youngest still there three days a week. One of the many things we love about Kool Kids is they give us daily updates on the activities the kids have done in their class that day, including the developmental and learning aims of the activities. They even include several photos both of the group and my little boy! Like any busy parent, seeing what my son gets up to every day is a bright spot in my busy day. Being able to read about his activities and even talk about them with him is priceless. My mum, an ex-teacher, is blown away by the detail provided and enjoys me forwarding the summaries to her. I discovered that Kindyhub is the tool Kool Kids use to enable this phenomenal service. I would strongly recommend that any childcare facility or school strongly considers the benefits of introducing Kindyhub technology into their organisation. You will be guaranteed an endless stream of happy parents that rave about the extra value “their” school provides that others don’t.

Jordon Simons


World of Learning Waterford West

I am really enjoying using Kindyhub, as are all the educators at the centre. We feel that it is a great tool for connecting with parents and making them aware of what is happening in the class on a daily basis. It is also great for the environment as it is eliminating a large portion of our paper usage per day.

Moyra Major

Parent & Public Speaking Coach at Major Confident

Bauer Street Community Children's Centre

I work full-time and Kindyhub is my saviour when I’m at work missing my son. It’s something I look forward to everyday- Receiving the pictures of my boy having a great time at school. It drives me through those horrible missing periods!!
I also love asking him about the photos that are featured, it really keeps me included and informed about how he’s spent his day and what he is learning. My husband and I have been so thankful that we can feel connected to our boy when we are busy working.


Yvonne Husband


Teddy's Place Family Daycare

One of my goals for 2014 was to streamline and simplify my documentation process and to meet all the regulatory requirements. Well I believe that I have done it! I want to share my process with you.

I began by attending the In-Service “Electronic Documentation for FDC Educators” presented by NSW FDC Association. I left inspired to trial a few programs. My main objectives were: Save Time, Cover all regulations, Record keeping of children’s programs and children’s development, Reporting to Parents, Communications, Portfolios and flexibility. Over a period of 4 weeks I trialed : Sticky Notes, Place, My Time and Simple Reflect . None of these suited my needs. I found some too simple others too complicated and none of them actually saved me time. On searching the internet I came across “Kindyhub” so I trialed it and for my needs it was perfect! I like to hand write my program, which I still do as it gives me a clear direction as to what I am going to do, but everything else I do through Kindyhub.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have. All my Families LOVE it and the feed back is always so positive. It’s quick and it’s easy! and it has saved me lots of time! As for costs it’s about the same as all the good programs BUT be sure to mention you are a FDC Educator as you will receive a discounted price.

Alyce Thornton


Kool Kids Miami

With the introduction of Kindyhub into our centre this year it has opened up the lines of communication between educators and Families. The parent input, feedback and suggestions of learning have broadened and this is evident with the learning journeys occurring each and every day within each room. Kindyhub has made Daily documentation fun, quick and easy for all educators to be able to communicate with families about their children’s day, their children’s development and also the communicate straight to the families about what is happening within the centre or even just what is happening in each individual room.

Kindyhub is a professional, bright and up to date program that allows educators to track children’s observations, development and also link quickly to The Early Years Framework and Kindergarten Outcomes. The parents are able to email back to the educators with their parent input or feedback. The parents response to Kindyhub has been fantastic. Parents are delighted to hear about their children’s day before collecting their child in order to discuss all the way home what they have learnt and where the learning comes from each day.

Not only do the parents receive their children’s learning stories each day, their children’s monthly development they also receive each and every photo daily that is taken of their child. This is exciting for the parents to see but also send to their grandparents or even mothers and fathers who are away for long periods of time.

I recommend Kindyhub to each and every centre…. Why because it has given the educators more time with the children, it has given the parents access at home at any time to communicate with educators and to be able to be given the time to sit and read the learning in which their children are participating in. It has also given the process of documentation and learning a new meaning. As a Director these are the things that are important and with all the time that educators spend documenting and observing Kindyhub has given this importance, instead of loose pieces of paper filed in a cupboard. Kindyhub also has made day to day life running a centre easier as the parents are more up to date with what is occurring and it certainly isn’t time consuming for me to spend quick, professional email to my families


Simone Kapiris


The Learning Sanctuary

This is a fantastic APP I love seeing all the photos of my babies. Thank you so much!


Therese F


Happy Kindyhub Customer

Well done on your awesome app! I think it is great. We love seeing the photos and updates and it is great to have an easy way to communicate with the kindy. Thank you 🙂 


Carmen Bertossi



Love this Kindyhub. Such a great idea to keep families involved in our children’s growth and experiences at Kindy.


Kate King


Community Kids Enoggera


Awesome system, really enjoying the photos and communication. So easy to access. Thanks!


Kayla Peacock


World of Learning Kiama


Absolutely love the idea of Kindyhub. Seeing beautiful photos of your child throughout the day and the activities they are participating is an awesome way of knowing how their day is going. Whether it’s a happy photo or sad photo at least you’ll know how they are going 


Leesa Purcell


Kool Kids Nerang


Thank you to who ever created this app. I love the photo and the communication we can have directly with the teachers. 5 ⭐️ from me 


Louisa Beaver


Kindy Korner Children Services


Hi Kindyhub …. Luv this app – just a thought …. Push notifications from this would be terrific 

Kindyhub Response: Thanks Louisa! You’ll be happy to know that push notification are now available on the latest app version


Jasmone Marrs


Great Beginnings Alkimos

Just love Luke’s observation and all the daily journals.

It’s great to see pictures of Luke and the amount of activities you do with the children.

As a parent I am very happy to place Luke in your care on a daily basis and would recommend you to family and friends.  Keep up the good work girls x

Rachel Dunford


Great Beginnings Aveley

Love this app!!  I am a very ‘app’ person and now I know fairy tale day is tomorrow LOVE this 🙂


Lisa Bouari


Bambino’s Monterey

We absolutely love the Kindyhub app and I have had a few of my friends join Bambino’s and a big reason was that app and having insight to their child’s day.

Erin Godfrey


Kool Kids

Now being at a centre that uses Kindyhub, I am a HUGE fan !! I freaking love it !!! Awesome daily photos, learning info, emails, centre news and more, it’s fantastic! Well done guys.

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