A new financial year is a great chance to revisit some of the core elements of running a service in terms of budgets, resources, and staffing. It’s also a great opportunity to look at the digital platforms you’re using to ensure they are offering what you need and giving you a strong return on your investment. 

In a crowded market full of options, digital platforms need to be responsive, present well, and most importantly, evolve with the changing needs of families and caregivers. They also need to reduce the administrative burden for busy service managers, freeing them up to focus on guiding the pedagogy and practice of their teams. 

That intersection between quality for families and ease of use for leaders is the place where the innovative partnership between established CCMS provider Smart Central and the dynamic offerings of Kindyhub is making the biggest difference. 

Kindyhub All-in-One offers a fully integrated CCMS solution that covers all key aspects of managing a child care service and aims to be the “ultimate in flexibility,” and the perfect solution for services of all types and sizes. 

Essentially, Kindyhub All-in-One aims to be a unified ecosystem which supports services in five key ways, namely: 

  • Admin – the ‘front desk’ tasks like CCS, sign In, enrolments, rostering, accounts, etc.
  • Learning – the ‘classroom’ tasks like programming, observations, incident reports, and more 
  • Community – sharing news and events with families, managing casual bookings. and staying in touch 
  • Analytics – ratio calculators, enrolment trends, business reporting, and more
  • Support – phone support, live chat, training webinars, and other tools for success 

Customised reports give work/life balance back to Evelyn

For Evelyn who manages two services in Ravensthorpe Shire in WA, having access to the custom report and chart options in the All-in-One offering has literally changed the way her days and weeks unfold, especially during the busy end of financial year period. 

With weekly and monthly reporting options to external stakeholders, gathering data is a critical function of her role. With Kindyhub All-in-One, the days of manually counting children and reviewing data from previous weeks are gone, with all the information she needs to be compiled into one customised report at the touch of a button. 

“It’s made such a difference to how I spend my time at work,” she said. “I now only work the hours I’m supposed to be working, and I get it all done.” 

The ease of reporting is one of two of her favorite things about the platform, with the other being the support she receives from the Kindyhub team. 

“The support is a standout,” she said. “They are always there, it feels like you’ve got a friend on the other end of the line. They are understanding, knowledgeable, and fix any problems you have.” 

From Meeting to Exceeding, thanks to Kindyhub 

From the learning perspective, having Kindyhub on board has been a game-changer for Heidi Patrick from Elanora Heights Preschool, who believes was an integral part of her service moving from meeting to exceeding on reassessment. 

“We believe the introduction of Kindyhub software has played a major role in our NQS rating going from Meeting to Exceeding in all seven quality areas, because everything we do is documented on the Kindyhub platform,” she explained. 

During the assessment and rating process, the team at Elanora Heights had everything they needed to demonstrate exceeding practice all in one place, ready to share with the authorised officer. 

“Everything was in one central location on Kindy Hub, ranging from individual child observations and goals, learning stories, daily journals, communication with families, and we were able to show that we are linking it all back to our critical reflection and programming and planning,” Heidi continued. 

While the authorised officer was in the service, the team was able to demonstrate the way KindyHub is used in real time, and show how the platform facilitates communication between educators in the service, and externally to families. 

“We have only just moved to a digital platform this year after 50+ years of paper based documentation,”  Heidi continued. 

“KindyHub has made a huge difference to the way that we communicate, program and plan.  It has opened up a whole new way of documenting our cycle of learning and communicating with families.”

If you would like further information on any of our features that you aren’t using at present, please reach out to one of our friendly team members by emailing us at [email protected]