Improve educational learning outcomes

Kindyhub enables educators to extend on the children’s unique interests and plan to enhance each child’s learning journey.

What makes Kindyhub Unique?


Functionally Rich Software

Our software is functionally rich with features designed around a simple and user friendly interface. Check out what everyone is saying about us here.


Customisable to suit your centres documentation process

Every centre is unique and has their preferred way of documenting children’s learning. Kindyhub offers flexibility to use your own documenting style, enabling individuality and personal touches.


Streamline your processes and free up valuable educator time

Educators are time poor and work in a very demanding role. Existing media for capturing and processing information, then keeping parents up-to-date, can take up more time than necessary. Kindyhub pull’s all the strands together into a central dashboard, streamlining each centre’s processes and freeing valuable educator time.


Promote and maintain strong centre-parent relations

Kindyhub helps promote and maintain strong centre-parent relations by adding value to a parent’s understanding of how their child is developing with communications tailored to the fast-paced lifestyles of busy parents.


Custom Branded App Available

We offer centres the ability to ‘Get noticed’ using their very own custom-branded parent app with additional features available. It’s a fantastic marketing tool and can be a self-funding option when combined with the business directory simulating local community involvement! The custom version also includes features for promoting a healthy lifestyle for our kids.

Early Learning Centres

Achieving an ‘Exceeding’ an assessment rating

Assessment is about demonstrating progress over time and Kindyhub enables centres and educators to do this effectively.

Breaking down the NQF and NQS into the 7 specified ‘Quality Areas’, Kindyhub assists centres to exhibit their achievement of targets in each Quality Area, as follows:


Educational practice and programs.

Receiving valued feedback from families.


Children’s Health and Safety.

Enables educators to alert families quickly (e.g. in the event of an outbreak of whooping cough).  Educators can review the statistics on all messages sent to determine who has read the message.


Supports Interaction

Recovers educator time so they spend less time documenting and more time interacting with the children.


Staffing Arrangements.

upports staff by creating more time for them to become better engaged in the EYLF.


Supports relationships.

Gives parents a visual prompt about what has happened during their child’s day and provides topics for later discussion with the child.


Collaborative Partnerships with families and communities

Enables more meaningful partnerships to be built from a centre level, including giving grandparents and communities the ability to become more involved.


Leadership and Service Management

Assists with reviewing each individual child’s records and progress.  All data is held in one place, minimising the need to flip through folders when reviewing information about a child.

Kindyhub for Educators


Brand awareness

Maintain your centre’s unique identity & brand within the marketplace with your own centre branded parent app.


Flexible & customisable reporting

Inbuilt planning & reporting tools tailored to your needs. Customisable report library, daily sheets, frameworks & philosophies. Educators/Services can create their own report library with personalised documents via the report creator. 


Daily Chart Records

Share meal and nappy change chart information privately with families.


Advanced Photo sharing

Additional privacy measures for photo sharing for families, unlike other platforms. All individually tagged images are sent only to the parents of that child.


Media Manager

Generate photo slideshows


Enhanced communication with families

Simple and quick Two-way communication allows quick correspondence. (events, newsletters, notices, medical alerts etc).


Program and Planning (Organiser)

Link Follow up “Where to Next” Activities to your organiser, spontainous items, project work, and have the ability to update your families with in-house events or local community


Family Stories

Submitted to the centre by parents. Staff can add follow-up action items based around these stories


Centre Information

Located on Parent App. Centres can provide details such as address, email, phone, links to policy documents, educators information, links to menus  


Achieving ‘excellence’ in ratings

Provides a holistic approach for educators to engage in the NQS (National Quality standards). Plan, Program & reflect and give clear evidence of the planning cycle. Kindyhub provides accurate insights into each child’s developmental milestones & learning experiences. Programmer / Planner – Link activities directly from reports, as well as adding different activities in the fly. Print and send the program to families to view.


Integration Partners

Kindyhub integrates with other best of breed applications to provide centre’s with a choice on who they would like to work with. Applications can be accessed from the Educators Dashboard directly within Kindyhub



Amazing Support via telephone and email  



Online tutorial videos 



Check communication is being received and viewed by parents  

Simple and easy to use features

Streamline your Early Learning Centre systems


Upload photos and video, tag children, rooms and learning outcomes. Everything you create is safe and secure.


Easily create daily reports, observations and your day’s charts which can be personalised and shared with families.


Automatically generate daily slideshows for each room or create your own unique, custom slideshows for a child or group.


Send messages, news and reminders to families. Easily track viewed messages and receive family replies all in one system.


Track and plan children’s learning across a variety of key learning areas. Link your planned experiences with ease.

Parent App

Communicate and include families in their childs learning and development. Families stay connected via our Parent App

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