Kindyhub Webinars

Learn how to get the most out of Kindyhub

Overview Webinar

Learn how we can assist your centres and educators save time with on-line documentation, capturing images and video, along assisting you in your every day programming and planning. You can achieve this all, while keeping families informed, providing them with the latest information around their children.

Children’s Profiles Webinar

Learn how to keep track of your children’s development milestones, see what areas still need to be covered and view all your children’s details in the one place.

Learning Stories / Documentation

Kindyhub provide’s educators with a couple of options in our documentation feature, including daily report document, observation document, report creator, charts and on-line incident reports

Capture Feature Webinar

All parents love to see photos of their children during the day and what they have been up to. Kindyhub make’s it easy to capture individual children’s photos, groups photos and video’s. Link in learning outcomes, centres philosophies and other development milestones.

Reporting to Parents Webinar

View Kindyhub’s parent app and how your parents view all the communication details as you send them. It’s always nice to know what the parents are looking at.

Programme - Events available to parents

We understand how important Programming is to your centre, as well as assessment and rating. Join us to see how Kindyhub can assist you with this and provide you with a feature overview, including adding in events to your parents app and calendar!