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Revolutionising Day Care Communication Across Australia

Since launching early 2013, Kindyhub has effectively changed the way child care educators track children’s learning and development and share this information with parents. The secure, user-friendly day care software has been embraced by hundreds of centres across Australia, with thousands of families benefitting from the rapid, real time communication and updates Kindyhub provides.

When Founder and Co-Director, Danielle Bennett, developed the Kindyhub concept, her vision was two-fold. As a busy mother of two, she understood the importance of keeping abreast of her children’s day care activities, progress and updates; yet like most parents found time constraints a challenge. She also understood the monumental task child care facilitators and educators faced in keeping on top of parental communication through written reports, communication books, and face-to-face conversation.

The inspiration for Kindyhub was fueled by the idea that there had to be a more efficient system for both parties to share information. Danielle envisioned a digital platform that allowed for photographs, progress reports, upcoming events, and centre updates to be accessed on any device, with her children’s information literally at her fingertips.

Today, Kindyhub is the day care software of choice for interactive communication in child care centres Australia-wide. With 168,500 registered users, Kindyhub receives 42,000 photograph uploads from centres, and approximately 23,500 logins from parents on a daily basis. The rapid growth of Kindyhub is testimony to the different requirements it fulfills for both parents and educators.

With parents eager for information about their child’s daily activities and progress, and educators continually trying to balance their time caring for children against the volume of administrative work involved in keeping communication up to date, Kindyhub’s flexible, time-saving features provide a workable solution for both parties.  With glowing reviews and favourable feedback from parents and educators, Kindyhub has been endorsed by several leading industry specialists, and enjoys a healthy percentage of business generated through client referral and word of mouth.

While several companies have attempted to replicate their idea, Kindyhub’s strength lies in their unique point of difference. Their software can be customised to suit the specific needs of individual centres, allowing them the flexibility to personalise both their content and their branding. Kindyhub takes on the bonus role of a powerful marketing tool when parents simply download the free smartphone app featuring their centre’s logo.

With an ongoing commitment to the highest level of security, Kindyhub is at the forefront of the latest industry changes and government regulations, with all data stored on Australian servers to align with latest legislation. In conjunction with safety, Danielle’s original concept for Kindyhub was that it would always be underpinned by the wellbeing of children on a holistic level.  This philosophy has been realised through additional elements such as ‘Healthy Kids,’ a feature that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, where parents can access a range of handy tips, recipes and information.

With a rapidly growing list of centres joining the revolution every month, Kindyhub are determined to maintain their high level of customer service, technical support, continuous improvement, and reputation for being the most efficient tool to help families and educators bridge the day care communication gap. With their dedicated team of professionals and good standing within the industry, Kindyhub is well on its way to becoming recognised as the market leading technology application for productivity and communication within the child care industry.

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