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Vicki Skoulogenis

Stronger bonds through enhanced communication

Increasing engagement in childcare reporting through digital documentation.

From Vicki Skoulogenis – Vice President of Childcare NSW (ACA NSW)

Voice of Experience: I have over 20 years’ professional childcare experience, operating 2 services of my own and serving on a number of Federal, National and State boards. A past President of Childcare NSW – now known as ACA NSW – for 4 years, and board member for 15 years. I’m committed to, and passionate about our industry and the children who develop within it.

Why move to Digital Technology?

Ease of use! Our staff were overloaded with paperwork that became more onerous by the month. It had been obvious from attending conferences and trade shows in recent years that Digital Technology was developing into the new ‘industry standard’.

We carefully researched the market over 2 years and were disappointed to discover that the systems on offer were too complicated or lacked the features we required. We needed something simple, effective and efficient for our staff and for the parents of our children.

Kindyhub ticked all our boxes and we’ve been using it successfully for a couple of years now. It’s clear and easy to use for staff and families, with a clean look and feel which staff and parents respond well to.

Software for daycare centresKindyhub is a tool for daily use

Our educators access the system every day to produce the Daily Report for each child in their care; this is an up-to-date account of what’s happening in that child’s learning and development.

Our Reports are customised so we maintain our own individuality as a childcare service provider within the marketplace. All staff use the digital platform for creating and maintaining portfolios and documenting single observations. It has enabled us to remove paperwork and eliminate time spent on such unproductive tasks as cutting and pasting bits of paper into an assembled document. Together with the subsequent vast reduction in printing it means we now present a more sustainable, greener way of communicating with our families.

Read the full case study (PDF)