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What is a Learning Story and what benefits does it offer?

Although a simple approach, the observation of children can help develop strategies that outline positive traits and behaviours as well as highlight areas that may need improving.
However, to ensure that the right strategies are instilled, it’s important to document children’s activities in the right way.

Time to review your Sun Smart program

With summer fast approaching it’s recommended that all early childhood education and care services have a sun smart program. Here’s why. In Australia, we need a healthy approach to UV exposure As parents, and carers of very young children, we all should be aware of...

Popular Child Care Apps

With no shortage of child care apps available to explore, we examined a few specialist apps to identify the essence of child care apps that are popular with educators and early learning services. The best child care apps are still the ones that continue to simplify tasks for educators.

Programming For Best Practice Child Care

It is vital to the growth and development of early learning in Australia and the health and sustainability of Australia’s child care industry. So what currently are the best tips for centre managers and educators when programming for best practice child care?

Is The EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) A Pathway To Motivation?

The knowledge and implementation of all or some parts of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is widespread amongst early childhood educators in Australia (and indirectly its children and their families). In its simplest form of expression, the EYLF is a set of guidelines that help educators think more deeply about their work, motivating them to explore new ideas and approaches.

The First Rule Of Childcare Engagement? Relevancy!

It’s not just children who benefit when families are more engaged with their development and growth. Childcare centres that engage families with what they do build better relationships. Educators, who spend so much time with their children, get to share with families what they see happening in the classroom on a daily basis.

Effective Daycare Software and Communication Solutions

Quick, easy and safe – Kindyhub’s Daycare Software frees educators from paperwork and gives parents a porthole into their children’s world away from home. The Australian owned and operated web-based system simplifies and streamlines documentation and enhances communication with parents.

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