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Learning Outcomes: Seeing The Whole Picture

When we follow children’s journeys through the early years, we want to see the many different sides to their development and learning. The Early Years Learning Framework gives us some broad learning outcomes that we can use as a guide to help us piece together this fuller picture.

Being the Best You Can Be

As an Early Childhood Teacher, you have the capacity to influence lots of young lives. Children are sponges and they take note of the behaviours of the adults that they spend time with. Being your best will not only positively influence the kids in your care, it will make you feel happier, less stressed out, and more fulfilled.

A Very Environmental Easter

This April, the worldwide event Earth Day happens to follow right behind our Easter celebrations. As we explore the origins of Easter, with the blossoming life in Spring, it is the perfect opportunity to help children build a sense of wonder, respect and responsibility for the natural beauty of the world around them.

The Importance of Play in Child Care

Children are born curious. By exploring, asking questions, and using sight, touch, smell, taste and sound children find out about themselves and the world around them. They are always learning something new.

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