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Digital Documentation‘Glorified Scrapbookers to Technological Trendsetters’

How Digital Documentation enhances our Childcare Services…

from Neville Dwyer – Nominated Supervisor Dorothy Waide Centre LDC Service

What follows is a brief description of our transition from traditional written, time-consuming and somewhat haphazard data recording and dissemination, to embracing the numerous benefits of easily digitally documenting our children’s activities, achievements and progress within a system specifically designed for sharing information with all interested parties (e.g. parents and educators).

How important is maintaining documentation?

In a word – critical. Especially the maintenance of Daily Journals and how we both gather information and share it with families. It’s their child, it’s what they need to know about – essentially, it’s their information.
That information must be provided in ways that enhance relationships – between parent and child, and between parent and educators within an organisation.

Data must be current, relevant and comprehensive, and built on in-depth knowledge and understanding of each child and what we, as educators, are trying to achieve with that child.

Originally we used sketchbooks to record each child’s story with journals. We graduated to children’s portfolios, or “glorified scrapbooks”, which took massive amounts of time to maintain. To the point where we were literally paying staff to cut out photographs and stick them into folders – very poor use of an educator’s time.

Read the full case study (PDF)

Neville Dwyer Testimonial