You have the following options within Kindyhub to customise the ‘Conversation’ feature and how family feedback is directed within your service:

Option 1. Internal conversations (standard)

With staff based permissions (by default when activated), the only Educators with access to “Conversations” are those with “Centre Manager” accounts. Centre managers can specify the following permissions on a staff-by-staff basis:

  • “Read only” – Educators can only view ‘Conversations’.
  • or “Read and reply” – Educators can view and respond to ‘Conversations’.
  • Access to all rooms in the centre or to their allocated room only

Option 2. Email only

Conversations are turned off within the Kindyhub system.

All messages submitted through the app are directed to centre main admin email address(es) and the conversation continues over email.

Option 3. Deactivated

Internal messaging deactivated altogether.

In addition to the above options:

You also have email notification options for the Internal and Email only options. You can choose to turn notifications on or off. When activated we have the following options for directing those emails:

Option 1. To room based emails

Will only be useful for services who use room based emails. If a message is submitted for a particular child, then only the relevant room is emailed.

Option 2. To staff based emails

Similar to the room option, but takes it one step further sending to email addresses of relevant staff members if they have an email address on file.

Option 3. To another specific email address

If a centre wants to utilise a different central email address for all of this kind of correspondence.

Please contact our Support Team if you would like more information or would like to customise your Kindyhub account to further suit your requirements

[email protected]

Telephone (02) 8916 7422