One of the most impressive features of the current wave of technology-assisted applications changing the way childcare is delivered and managed, is the time it gives back to educators and administrators. Modern childcare reporting software streamlines the centre’s capabilities to plan, track and report on each individual child – making it more efficient.

Childcare and kindergarten applications like Kindyhub™ use customised, flexible, cloud-based software to introduce new ways to record the day, the class, the centre, the history as well as personal growth and interaction between the child, the group, the centre, the parents and the family. Higher efficiency ratings and best practice childcare is quickly and easily achievable with this process. It can save time, resources and costs.

We asked Centre Manager and Teacher Cara Flynn to explain how this new style of childcare efficiency using software like Kindyhub can save time.

What is Childcare Reporting?

Childcare reporting documents significant occurrences. It’s an ongoing process using the cycle of assessment. It shows the evidence of learning for each and every child. It can help build partnerships with families and the community. Families can see what happens within the centre and it gives educators a direction for intentional teaching and room setups.

When is Childcare Reporting classified as ‘efficient’?

Childcare reporting is classified as efficient when it achieves a purpose. When it satisfies the links of learning for a child. When it is clear to all parties how, what and why there is documentation.

Educators can use an effective tool like Kindyhub to capture special moments, link it to their framework and share the information with families.

Families can view it in their own time, engage in their child’s learning and collaborate with their child’s educators.

There are no double-ups with Efficient Childcare Reporting. Time is saved when the documenting of a significant moment, a daily snapshot, a group occurrence or event is both simplified and to the point. In kindergartens, children can be involved in the reporting.

Watch Neville Dwyer from Griffith Preschool describe the benefits of Kindyhub:

Saving time assists sustainability

New technology efficiencies also reduce the amount of paper and ink used in the room, the centre, and the home – contributing to sustainability.

How can you boost childcare efficiencies and improve Childcare Reporting?

Cara Flynn suggests mentoring educators on a one-by-one basis, reinforcing that a “one rule fits all approach can squish educators” while reminding us “our regulations and NQS (National Quality Standard) allow for and even encourage individualisation.”

New Efficient Childcare Reporting methods change the process and delivery of childcare, resulting in huge time saving measures and effectiveness ratings.

For educators it is perhaps most precious, as it helps to free up their time to focus on and interact with the children they plan for and report on.

Thank you to Cara Flynn for her contribution to this article.

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