A good kindergarten software package like Kindyhub™ will do a lot more than save time, but it does give educators more time to spend teaching, observing and reflecting. Even better, it will spread those savings out across the day.

Using Kindyhub as an example, here’s 4 ways that kindergarten software will impact your day:

One: Daily Snapshots

Kindergarten software takes the best of today’s technology and uses it to replace things like scrap books and glue bottles. Kindyhub collects the images of the day and automatically pulls them into a slideshow with the captions recorded at the moment they were captured.

Sharing snapshots of the centre, the room, each child in this way engages families in the day to day workings of the centre and most importantly, in a very real way it gives them a snapshot that involves them in their child’s day. Recorded snapshots using kindergarten software can also be revisited to reflect on the learnings that have taken place throughout the year.

Two: Communication Channels

Kindergarten software keeps everyone in touch at the touch of a button. Kindyhub makes communicating with families a very simple and effective process. Centre managers can share a message with the entire centre or just a specific room on a specific day. Better, more targeted messaging saves time and keeps the avenues of communication between home and the early learning centre open.

Three: Trackable History

One of the most valuable ways that kindergarten software can save educators time is the ability to organise learning and experiences. All documentation on Kindyhub is completely trackable. Every child’s learning journey can be viewed at any time, without having to flip through paper folders etc. Family responses can be recorded to sent documentation and kept together, giving educators a trackable history that can be used to extend a child’s learning.

Four: The Parent App

It’s not just educators and early learning centres that kindergarten software is having an impact on. Pick-up and drop-off time is not the best time for families to speak with their child’s educators as they are generally in a rush to drop the other kids off and get to work, or pick them up and get home. Kindyhub’s Parent App enables families to engage with and give feedback on their child’s day at a time that is convenient to them.

Anything that saves time in an early learning centre environment is a valuable commodity.

By revolutionising the way educators track and plan children’s learning, kindergarten software also enables families to easily share in the growth and individual development of their child.

If your kindergarten software can achieve all that and still save you time, any wonder software programs like Kindyhub are positively changing the way we work.

For information on how Kindyhub™ assists educators to document, share and engage families contact us or call on 02 8916 7421.