Starting Kindy – Use Kindyhub to put families’ minds at ease.

Beginning kindergarten can be an anxious time for children and parents alike. Use Kindyhub to put families’ minds at ease.

Starting kindy can involve children being anxious and scared and parents can feel the same way. There can be separation anxiety, the stress of making new friends, a new environment to deal with, and a new daily routine.

It’s not just the children that are worried – it can be a time of stress for parents too. Is your little one going to be happy? Is this the best kindergarten for them? Are they having their snacks / meals / naps on time? Are the children doing activities at kindy that are beneficial and most importantly, are they having fun!?

First Day Tears

Your little one may not want you to leave. It can be a mix of extreme emotions. They may cling to you nervously and not want you to leave them there – EVER! Or maybe it is you that is shaking and crying as your child saunters happily and fearlessly into their child care centre. The reality is that we all need support at such a crucial time while you and your child adapt to the new routine.

Preparing for Childcare

This is not goodbye! Separation anxiety is common in lots of circumstances and can have an after effect if it is not worked through with your child. It may sound obvious and you may have heard it before, but preparation can be a huge key to a happy transgression into kindy. Allow yourself plenty of time to talk to your child about child care or kindergarten. Tell them about all the fun they are going to have, the friends they will make, and the great things they will do.

Booking a tour of the child care centre beforehand is a good idea. It really helps. By the time the first day comes around, children will be prepared and ready. They are likely to take to it with a lot more enthusiasm and joy than if there is no discussion.

Kindyhub is a Simple Solution

The answers to the complexities of a new environment can sometimes be found in the simplest of places. Parents, early learning centre facilitators, children and families need to communicate and be kept in the loop. And technology like Kindyhub helps a lot.

Our app monitors the children’s progress. Parent’s can be kept up to date with their children, with photos being sent through, chart updates as the day goes on and reports that are all sent through a secure environment. Everything is shared in a secure environment. Parents minds are put at rest and they can easily communicate with their children’s early childhood educators and centre about any concerns that they have – on the first day and going forward. Kindyhub enhances the face to face communication that parents and child care facilitators already have.

Playtime is Important

Play is an important part of relaxation and learning. It is ALL about fun! And having fun keeps children occupied and takes them out of routine. It creates feel good feelings of empathy, creativity and teamwork. If children do not get the opportunity to play, learning can be harder. What better place than at Kindy, and with a group of other children. Fun is important stuff!

Educators use the Kindyhub app to record your children playing so that parents can be kept up to date with their children’s activities. The centres can also monitor activities with the app and link this back into their programming cycle within Kindyhub.– what worked and what didn’t work. Did the children engage well or was it an activity that wasn’t stimulating enough? By using the Kindyhub app, early learning centres make sure children are at their happiest – and are learning.

Facilitators can ask a question, or a series of questions, on the app on the first day, and for the duration of their time at the centre. Kindyhub makes it easy to give and receive valuable feedback for the greatest good of the children and the early learning centre.

Parents also have the ability to advise their child care educator what they are doing at home, and outing they may have completed. They can provide parent input to the centre in a quick and easy manner.

Educators then have the ability to link these family input stories to their program and planning cycle.

Kindyhub allows you to combine technology with good old fashioned fun. And it is super easy to use.

The App can help parents, early learning facilitators and the kids ease their way into child care or kindergarten. For a 4 week trial, or to find out more about Kindyhub, contact us.


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