An Integrated Solution for EYLF Documentation and Early Childhood Reporting

When the EYLF was introduced as the first national curriculum framework for educators working in early education and care settings it set a new benchmark for consistency within the principles and practices of day care centres Australia-wide.

While the EYLF’s objectives of promoting professional dialogue and highlighting the crucial role early childhood educators play in a child’s foundation years are being achieved, many educators and teachers find the upkeep  of EYLF documentation and early childhood reporting  a time consuming  challenge.

Kindyhub’s integrated solution to EYLF documentation

Kindyhub – the early childhood documentation software that streamlines reporting and enhances communication between educators and parents – understands that educators are often time poor and under-resourced, and that comprehensive and accurate reporting takes considerable effort.  

Kindyhub’s user-friendly software provides an integrated solution to the ongoing challenge of meeting the responsibilities and requirements of EYLF documentation and reporting. Essentially, Kindyhub provides educators with a tool to effectively show and share evidence of how they link learning experiences to the EYLF’s outcomes, values and beliefs, while helping families understand the language that’s used within the early childhood sector.

Kindyhub has revolutionised the way centres track children’s learning and development through their secure digital platform.

EYLF documentation benefits for educators and early learning settings

When it comes to aligning with the EYLF, Kindyhub’s features and benefits are multifaceted. “Kindyhub greatly enhances educators’ and families’ knowledge of children’s learning,” explains Founder and Co-director, Danielle Bennett. “Centres can input information related to the Australian curriculum, then record how children are learning against each of these areas.  Through the app, families can see at a glance what information is being captured and how, giving them insight into the fields where learning occurs and how each is influenced.  This builds capacity to help children recognise, understand and maximise their abilities.”

While Kindyhub’s documentation and reporting features make it easy for educators to show evidence of how they link learning experiences to the EYLF, Danielle is quick to point out that it’s not simply a ‘tick & flick’ of outcomes for the sake of it.  

“Educators are still required to extend on areas such as ‘implications for learning,’ for example. There is also scope for centres to incorporate their own interpretations of the EYLF, including centre philosophies, or other required curriculums.”

Kindyhub’s EYLF documentation and reporting solution offers:

  • Superior recording ability leading to improved communication between educators and families.
  • An individualised matrix for each child, capturing important data that clearly identifies which outcomes the child has met while highlighting any areas to be addressed. 
  • A record of how children learn and feel about themselves as they go about their daily activities, providing families with insight to the level of happiness and engagement displayed, and how it contributes to positive outcomes.
  • A streamlined, time-effective and cost-efficient way for educators to complete the planning cycle for children’s learning.

Kindyhub was designed with the understanding that documenting children’s learning is one of the most critical things an educator does; and that shareability of EYLF documentation, including observations, reflections, learning experiences and photographs with families is paramount.

With 168,500 registered users nationwide, it’s easy to see why Kindyhub is the early learning software of choice for Australian childcare centres.

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