Merry Photogenic Christmas

Hello everyone, once again another year has almost vanished and educators throughout the world are last minute thinking…


“What can we do for a Christmas present this year!!!? ”

If you are anything like myself – I get fatigued at the thought of the same old gifts. I really want to do something meaningful, yet cost effective. It becomes difficult to think and plan different presents based on this, especially when some families don’t celebrate Christmas..

“ How can I involve a child in gift making so they are still included but do it with a purpose for the child and their family”

This all changed the year my service introduced Kindyhub .. why?

Kindyhub Media Manager

Media Manager

Yes this is the go to place within Kindyhub where all educators can manage each individual child’s images and videos, furthermore this is the go to place which enables slide show creations with selected media.

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”
— Diane Arbus

What’s even better is the images can be edited using Windows Image Viewer & editor or- Mac book Edit. These images can be re uploaded to create amazing sincere feel good moments captured by all of us.
You can then Export Images with one click and either email this to the families – or save them onto a USB device and place them in a little box with ribbon around it and give it as an end of year/Christmas gift ( Or both )
Sustainable yet practical and super meaningful.

I remember the very first year I did this the families looked at me strangely when receiving their little gift boxes but my goodness, once they went home and plugged in the USB … well some of them came back to me the following day and said the images created and stored brought them to tears of joy. Loads of families asked if I could do this every year. What’s even better is you can use images from when the child was a tiny baby and mix them up so they can see how much they have grown , its actually a breath taking journey for an educator to watch too. On the slide show you can also included little inspirational/educational quotes in between photos to set the mood – there is so much you can do and places you can go with this. These quotes are only available within Kindyhub slide show.

Here is exactly how it is done within Kindyhub

  1. Click on ‘Media Manager’
  2. Select ‘Create Slideshow’
  3. Enter child’s/ children’s names (for siblings)
  4. Select all images you would like featured and enter a Slideshow Name
  5. Click Create Slide Show
  6. You will now be directed to the slide show where you can preview all these beautiful moments PLUS Export the photos by clicking Export Photos and enter the services email address
  7. All images from slideshow will be exported to service email from here you may “Save As” and select your USB devices name and select Save.
  8. WELLAH now all you need is a little cute box ( the children would decorate their own ) and you have a beautiful family gift which will be cherished and looked back on for years and years and years – all because of your effort, time , passion, activities, talent and of course Kindyhub.

Merry Christmas, have a Happy and Safe New Year Kindyhub look forward to working with each and everyone of you 2021 to create and record more and more special moments to come…

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