Let’s get organised

Firstly – HAPPIEST NEW YEAR to all services across the country and bring on 2021!

“HAVE I GONE MAD?” asked the Mad Hatter Sadly..
“I AM AFRAID SO ” replied Alice

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol

Last year was MAD right?

The nationwide pandemic impacted Early Childhood educators immensely and for all of you who adapted to the madness of cleaning, temperature checking, face masks, while keeping up parent relationships and nurturing children’s development Kindyhub wishes to take their HAT off to you all, seriously – I don’t know an Early Childhood Educator who will ever look at a Glen20 the same way ever!

Well with restrictions easing, borders opening, and families being reunited, as an educator I feel like we can slowly put this behind us and use January to get re-organised to the new normal don’t you?

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, I was a different person then”

Alice  in Alice in Wonderland

Kindyhub Events

The first thing that comes to mind is EVENTS – Events will now be back on at the majority of services which means big family involvement and special cultural and children’s celebration days planned. The Events feature in Kindyhub is the BEST way to write down all events for the rest of the year including the theme, start time, end time and even has space for any notes that you may need to add regarding the event.

Something I realised during 2020 when I had to take away the children’s playdough and lots of sensorial activities ( due to hygiene ) was that I discovered SO MANY fun and quirky “Days of the Year”. For example, did you know there are days of the year dedicated to;

  • Friendship
  • Watermelons
  • Laughter
  • Science
  • Paint
  • And even CHOCOLATE!

I used these days to take children’s minds off the world for a while and get all of our imaginations flowing – hence why this month’s blog is Alice In Wonderland Themed.

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get “

White Rabbit

Furthermore, if we look into these days now and plan them in Kindyhub Events, we won’t forget them or fall behind – the events feature is one of my personal favorite features as an educator. It’s layout is simple and I place all events and themes, times and dates in it so I can access it from any device, instead of a paper calendar which gets coffee spilt on, ripped and sometimes goes missing. Plus this event or special day is connected directly to your Organiser ready to be shared with all team members and family also.

Simply select Organiser and then click on Events to create your first event for 2021.

P.s. If you are like me and go crazy with the events feature good on you!
Lewis Carroll would say “We are all mad here”

Happiest Regards and happy planning! 
The Kindyhub Team.


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