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Behaviour Management

Children who play and learn in a positively based environment are less likely to display inappropriate behaviour. Implementing guidance strategies can also assist children, some of whom may struggle with behaviour management, to learn appropriate skills and better manage their own behaviour.

Kindyhub Users Reaping the Benefits of Digital Children's Daycare Portfolios

Daycare portfolios are not only a valuable reflection of a child’s learning and development progress; they are much loved keepsakes for parents and families. With today’s daycare portfolios requiring a varied collection of documentation to provide an overall ‘big picture’ of each child’s achievements and efforts, finding the time to contribute to and maintain comprehensive portfolios is a challenge shared by many early childhood educators.

An Integrated Solution for EYLF Documentation and Early Childhood Reporting

When the EYLF was introduced as the first national curriculum framework for educators working in early education and care settings it set a new benchmark for consistency within the principles and practices of day care centres Australia-wide. While the EYLF’s objectives of promoting professional dialogue and highlighting the crucial role early childhood educators play in a child’s foundation years are being achieved, many educators and teachers find the upkeep of EYLF documentation and early childhood reporting a time consuming challenge.

Effective Documentation for Early Learning Centres

In today’s fast paced environment, effective communication for the early learning sector has never been more important. Evolving family dynamics have shaped Australia’s requirements for child care, with many working mothers, single parents, grandparents and blended families accessing day care facilities to maintain their work-life balance, and to contribute to their child’s socialisation and development.

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