The value of effective daycare software within Australian childcare centres has been taken to a new level with Kindyhub’s revolutionary approach. Their groundbreaking solution for early childhood communication not only streamlines documentation, but enhances communication between educators and parents, and has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of users since their launch in 2013.

Flexible daycare software

Designed with an awareness of the individual needs of each centre, Kindyhub’s features are completely client-centred and adaptable to the specific needs of each childcare centre or early childhood setting.

Says Kindyhub’s Founder and Co-Director, Danielle Bennett, “We have a strong customer focus and one of our key differentiators is the flexibility our daycare software provides so each service can be moulded in a way that addresses each centre’s unique reporting style.”

With their simple, user-friendly approach, Kindyhub’s appeal is underpinned by its ability to overcome common daycare challenges with quality solutions. With time and resources continually stretched, childcare educators across Australia are reaping the benefits of the efficiencies Kindyhub’s daycare software provides.

“We understand that finding the time to effectively meet communication obligations can be incredibly challenging,” says Danielle.  “Kindyhub provides an efficient solution to EYLF documentation and parental communication with features that include day books, observations, communication with families, slide shows, programs, and reporting.”

Daycare software innovation

Always at the forefront of educators’ ever-changing and evolving needs, Kindyhub has recently launched a number of new features and updates. “We’re continually innovating ways to streamline day-to-day processes for educators and improve children’s learning experiences through the use of technology,” says Danielle.

Improvements and additional features to Kindyhub’s impressive suite of features include:

  • Organiser: With an onus on time management, the Organiser feature enables centres to plan for and track children’s learning and help educators complete the programming cycle.
  • Report Creator: A personalised tool that enables educators to create their own reporting documents to maintain their centre’s unique reporting style.
  • Updates: Educators and families are benefiting from new feature updates that improve tracking analytics around children’s learning and staff involvement, including personalised and private daily information about children’s sleep, nappy and meal habits; video uploading; and sharing family stories.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we receive,” says Danielle. “Our daycare software is helping educators and families across Australia by building a stronger foundation for communication and documentation, and the sharing of real-time information in a secure digital environment. Ultimately, it’s the children who benefit. By freeing up time spent on paperwork, educators and carers will have more time to spend with them.”

To learn more about how Kindyhub is taking the lead with effective Australian daycare software call us on (02) 8916 7421 or contact us online.