Providing Families with online 'At Home' Learning Experiences

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During these challenging times, we want to ensure you that Kindyhub has your back, both from an Educators and Parent perspective. 

Should Childcare Services be forced to close, Kindyhub can assist educators in providing families with a series of online learning videos, stories and  activities to complete at home:.


Educators can upload images of learning activities and short explainer videos to share with families eg. creative arts, a short puppet show, physical activity options and much more.


Daily Journals

Educators can showcase different learning activities that parents can re-create at home.

Report Library

Kindyhub will create a new report option for all services called “At Home Learning”. This will become part of your report library and can be customised to suit your services needs.

Family Stories

Families can upload these learning experiences directly via the Parent App or Web Portal for educators to plan and extend on the learning at home.

At-Home Learning Icon

Families will soon have access to learning activity ideas, daily program suggestions and links to relevant resources. Kindyhub will update on a regular basis. 
This is an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled.

Providing Families with In-Home Qualified Educators

As the country comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, our partners at MiStaffing are extending their services of providing casual and permanent educators to not only ECE services but also to their families who are in need of home support.

MiStaffing Casual Educators have expressed their availability to support families at home should ECE services be forced to close for a period of time.

Integrate MiStaffing with Kindyhub

MiStaffing provides casual and permanent placements for educators and assists Centre Directors with the ability to find casual staff when required.

Simply contact our support team to have MiStaffing activated within your Kindyhub Dashboard, for Centre Managers Only.

Kindyhub Plays Well With Others!

We will begin sharing information around how our partners can assist you during these challenging times. We are in this together and as a team, we can work better together. :

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