Quick, easy and safe – Kindyhub’s Daycare Software frees educators from paperwork and gives parents a porthole into their children’s world away from home.  The Australian owned and operated web-based system simplifies and streamlines documentation and enhances communication with parents. By allowing educators to quickly link to early learning frameworks and standards Kindyhub also improves outcomes for children.

Planning and assessment

Just as each child is unique, so too is every daycare centre. Program planning varies widely, with some centres planning one week at a time while others prefer three-month program blocks. The Organiser within the Kindyhub Daycare Software platform allows educators to produce personalised programs to suit their centre’s schedule and reflect the interests of the children in their care.  

The Organiser provides a central place for educators to record all the information needed to plan and execute experiences and learning opportunities. Those activities can be linked back to learning frameworks and ensure standard are being met. Importantly, the information stored within The Organiser can be accessed via topic, room or child making it a powerful tool during Assessment Rating.  

Parents join the journey

A common dilemma for time-poor educators is finding ways to streamline documentation and strengthen relationships with parents. Kindyhub’s Daycare Software allows educators to provide a more comprehensive picture of a child’s development and better engage families in the learning process.

Photographs, observations and progress reports can be easily uploaded to Kindyhub’s secure, digital platform. The information can be viewed at any time by parents from any Smartphone or tablet.  The service is also an opportunity for centres to showcase their work to families.

Says Kindyhub user G8 Educations General manager of Operations Terry King “Our parents value the daily touch points with their child/children and Kindyhub helps them to see what a fantastic job our educators are doing. It’s that simple.”  

Data is safe and private

Security is paramount at Kindyhub. All passwords are encrypted and processes are in place to ensure top-level administrator passwords are strong and updated regularly. The data is only ever available to relevant carers, managers and their families and is viewed via protected logins.  Each centre using Kindyhub Daycare Software retains ownership of all the data. The photos and records can be exported manually at any time, even if the centre decides to opt out of the service.    

The personal touch

A flexible approach keeps Kindyhub Daycare Software ahead of the pack. The service recognises that a one size fits all attitude doesn’t always work, instead providing a platform that individual centres can mould to suit their requirements.  It also gives interested centres the chance to “get noticed” via branded apps. The app offers a marketing edge by featuring the centre’s logo as the app icon both within the app itself and in the App store.

To learn more about how Kindyhub is taking the lead with effective Australian daycare software call us on (02) 8916 7421 or contact us online.

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