Daycare portfolios are not only a valuable reflection of a child’s learning and development progress; they are much loved keepsakes for parents and families. With today’s daycare portfolios requiring a varied collection of documentation to provide an overall ‘big picture’ of each child’s achievements and efforts, finding the time to contribute to and maintain comprehensive portfolios is a challenge shared by many early childhood educators.

The Digital Daycare Portfolio Solution

Kindyhub, the Australian early childhood documentation software, has transformed the way daycare portfolios are compiled, presented and distributed, freeing up valuable resources across hundreds of daycare centres to spend more time with children.

With Kindyhub’s user-friendly digital capabilities, educators can quickly upload observations, photographic records, learning stories, conversations, reflections, descriptions, questions and analysis, and artwork samples.  “Essentially Kindyhub acts as an ongoing online digital portfolio, where families can access all their child’s photos and documentation 24/7,” says Founder and Co-director, Danielle Bennett.

Feedback from families has been equally favourable, with Kindyhub’s innovative Parent App allowing family members to have access to their child’s daycare portfolios anywhere at anytime through their smart phone, tablet or digital device.

“The benefits of Kindyhub’s daycare portfolios are two-fold,” explains Danielle. “We’re streamlining the documentation process for educators while addressing the ongoing demand for updates by families eager for news about their child’s day-to-day activities and progress. Sharing early learning experiences in an online portfolio makes it easy for educators to document children’s learning in a time efficient way whilst keeping family members more engaged.”

Daycare portfolios for EYLF, NQF and NQS Assessment

Kindyhub’s digital daycare portfolios enable daycare centres and educators to not only meet the responsibilities of EYLF documentation and reporting in a time-efficient manner, they enable centres to demonstrate how they effectively meet their targets within the seven ‘Quality Areas’ under the NQF and NQS.

With assessment based on demonstrating progress over time the daycare portfolios meet required industry criteria in the following ways:

  1. Educational Practice and Programs. Receiving valued feedback from families.
  2. Children’s Health and Safety. Enables educators to alert families quickly.  Educators can review statistics on outgoing communications to determine who has read the message.
  3. Supports Interaction. Recovers educator time by spending less time documenting and more time interacting with the children.
  4. Staffing Arrangements. Supports staff by creating more time for them to become better engaged in the EYLF.
  5. Supports Relationships. Gives parents a visual prompt about what has happened during their child’s day, providing topics for later discussion with the child.
  6. Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities. Enables more meaningful partnerships to be built from a centre level, including enabling grandparents and communities to become more involved.
  7. Leadership and Service Management. Assists with reviewing each child’s records and progress.  All data is held in one place, minimising the need to search through folders when reviewing information about a child.

Kindyhub’s collaborative approach

With Kindyhub’s foundations inspired by Danielle’s experience as a busy mother coupled with an appreciation of the exhaustive task educators face keeping abreast of parental communication, she designed Kindyhub to be a user-friendly platform for both daycare centres and the families they serve.

Committed to ensuring Kindyhub continues to meet evolving early education needs, Danielle is continually seeking feedback and looking for ways to improve and update Kindyhub’s features and capabilities. “Since Kindyhub’s inception, advancements in technology, innovative thinking, and input from educators across hundreds of centres have all shaped what Kindyhub is today.”

Ultimately, Kindyhub users – educators and families – are reaping the benefits of digital children’s daycare portfolios.

To learn more about the features and capabilties of Kindyhub call (02) 8916 7421 or contact us online.

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